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The ultimate 2A freedom toting holster we currently offer! Our appendix rig is a full-time appendix holster that features a built-in mag carrier. Carrying an extra magazine in the appendix position helps balance everything out. But the best perk is actually having an extra magazine at the ready. 

The mag carrier is canted slightly for increased comfort and easier access. Every appendix rig is made with a curve that contours the body, angled cuts that fit our body shape, uses angled belt clips and is shipped with a concealment claw. All of these top shelf features provide for a comfortable experience, while making our appendix rig disappear under your garments. 

  • Trigger Guard and Mag Release Protection

  • 0.080 Premium Image Infused Kydex

  • 302HQ stainless steel, black oxide coated, DFARS Compliant hardware.

  • EPDM rubber washers for shock absorption and retention. 

  • Pre Treated with Quick Draw Gear holster lubricant


*We highly suggest utilizing thread locker on all threads to prevent loosening.  Losing screws is not covered under warranty. 


Reviews (2)

Paul 26th Jun 2019

Super comfortable!

The curve on the appendix rig is perfect to contour to your body! Retention is great and the aded wing, helps out a lot for printing! Mine last one shipped in a fair time frame. Much less than most handmade makers! Probably why I own 3 of these now!

Ryan B 10th May 2019

Appendix All The Way

AHC killed it again! My favorite appendix rig that I own!!

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