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CAT TQ Carrier

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 When seconds count, you can depend on our TQ Carrier to allow you quick access and deployment of your tourniquet to circumvent massive blood loss.

Heavy blood loss from an extremity wound, can quickly lead to death.  Often times this situation can be circumvented with the proper use of a tourniquet.  Sadly, not a lot of LEO’s and Civilians utilize a tourniquet as part of their Duty Gear or EDC. Mostly because there aren’t a lot of options in low-profile carrying ability that adds protection for the tourniquet. Our TQ Carrier is constructed from 0.08 Kydex and premium hardware. It features adjustable retention that enables you quickly and easily access and deploy your tourniquet when seconds count. Our Holster secures your tourniquet in place using friction. The means there are no buckles or straps to hang you up when you’re trying to deploy the tourniquet. Using this securing method, means it can be deployed one handed, even if you’re hands are wet or covered in blood. Just grab and pull.  We offer an affordable, low profile easy way to carry a TQ Carrier- What’s your excuse for not carrying one now?

  • 0.08 Kydex and premium hardware built for harsh LEO/MIL use

  • Works with CAT TQ
  • Opening in the bottom to allow water to drain out

  • DCL (Duty or Combat Belt) Lock Mounting Option


Reviews (3)

Joe N. 17th Aug 2020

Good carrier

I ordered one of these carriers with some mag carriers to dress out my range rig. Great option to add another TQ on a belt.

STEVEN 17th Aug 2020

C-A-T TQ Carrier

Great addition to my range belt! Holds my tourniquet securely.

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