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1.5" EDC Belt

$59.00 - $72.00
2 layers of 1.5" dive belt webbing, 1.5" Cobra buckle, and 1.5" Velcro. We make this belt for those that don't want to thread the belts tail through the slide bar in the buckle and want the convenience of a quick release Cobra buckle in a Velcro only...

1.5" No Buckle AC Black Belt

Two layers of 1.5" dive webbing with loop Velcro sewn all the way around the outside of the belt, and no buckle, just a Velcro closure. This belt could be used as an "inner belt" to mate with an outer belt that has hook Velcro on the inside of it, but...

1.5" No Velcro EDC Belt /1" Buckle

Our best seller! Two layers of 1.5" dive belt webbing all the way around, connected to a 1" Austri-Alpin Cobra buckle via 1" mil. spec. webbing. No Velcro on the tail of this belt so the mil.-spec. webbing runs very smoothly though the slide bar in the...