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Dual Mag Carrier -MRD

DUAL MRD MAG CARRIER 0.080" Kydex Dual MRD (Mag Retention Device) Allows Independent Retention Adjustment.  Fully Ambidextrous Fits Most Double Stack 9/40 Magazines Combat Lok or Speed Clip Belt Attachment

Allegiant Holster CO.

MRD Single Mag Carrier OWB

MRD (Mag Retention Device) Mag Carrier Inspired by Range Day! This innovative device brings a new experience to mag carriers by allowing incremental adjustments to the retention of your mag draw. In addition to retention, the MRD can also be flipped to...

Allegiant Holster CO.

OWB AR Mag Carrier-MRD

AR-15 MRD MAG CARRIER 0.080" Kydex MRD (Mag Retention Device) Allows Retention Adjustment.  Fully Ambidextrous (Bullet Tips Rearward) Fits AR Magazines Combat Lok Belt Attachment  *We highly suggest utilizing thread locker...

Allegiant Holster CO.

CAT TQ Carrier

$28.00 - $45.99
 When seconds count, you can depend on our TQ Carrier to allow you quick access and deployment of your tourniquet to circumvent massive blood loss. Heavy blood loss from an extremity wound, can quickly lead to death.  Often times this...