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Roland Welker Alaskan Chest Holster

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Roland hails from the Appalachian mountains of central Pennsylvania. He relocated to the Alaskan Bush and began honing his skills living as a full time hunter/ trapper, hunting guide and gold miner.  He joined season 7 of the History Channel's Alone, where he outlasted all to claim the title of 100 Day King. His way of life embodies a link to the lifestyles of old.  Tough as nails, adaptable and rugged. 

When discussing a holster that he could use in the Alaskan Bush on guided hunts, panning for gold or living this lifestyle; he said just that: "It has to be tough as nails and rugged as hell!" 


The RW Signature Alaskan Chest holster is built from the wild and tough spirit that is Roland Welker.

  • Single-handed draw design, with adjustable retention
  • Modular design (swap out holsters on the harness)
  • Lightweight, minimal design with elastic for low profile comfort
  • Built using ultra durable Kydex thermoformed materials
  • Positive click retention
  • Allows the use of most common packs
  • Completely water submersible and all weather worthy

The RW Signature Alaskan Chest Holster is made with 2-inch, military grade, nylon webbing; Kydex; and various other high quality hardware components; it is completely water-submersible, scratch-resistant, and it is designed to be worn with most backpack types.

Backed by our lifetime warranty.  Get into a fight with a mountain or wrestle a Grizzly bear, we have you covered. 



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Don Lackey 12th Jan 2022

Chest Holsters

Purchased two chest holsters for my 19x and full size XDM. Great rigs, this makes several holsters I have purchased. All of them have been the best fitting I’ve had. Believe me I have a box full from other brands. Give these.try, you won’t be sorry.

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Additional Info

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