What is the current Made-to-Order Lead time?

  • Our current made to order holster lead time is approximately 6-10 business days. Holiday orders or periods of high volume sales may add additional time. 


When will my order ship?

  • Made to order items normally ship within the advertised lead time.  This is acknowledged by you, prior to checking out. The estimated lead time is also displayed on your order confirmation and at the top of the FAQ page. A business day is Monday-Friday, excluding weekends or holidays. Your order does not enter the queue until the day after it is placed. Orders placed on a weekend, will be processed in one-two business days after the weekend.
  • Quick Ship items normally ship within 1-3 business days. Orders placed during higher volume sales periods, could experience an extended lead time. You will be prompted to acknowledge this additional processing time, prior to ordering. 


How can I track my order?

  • You can view the status of your order by logging into your account (if you created one when ordering). Status updates will be emailed to you upon each step of the process.
      • Awaiting Production: Order is received and in the queue. Your order will stay in this category until it goes into production. (This is the category it will be in for most of the lead time for made to order items.) 
      • In production: Order is currently being made
      • Shipped: Order is physically shipped
  • Once the order is physically shipped, you will receive an email with a tracking number 
  • Delivery Issues: A.H.C. has no control over a package once it leaves our shop. You must contact USPS with provided tracking number for any delivery issues. If you opted for shipping insurance, you can file a claim with the USPS. We recommend purchasing shipping insurance when placing an order. 


What if I'm unsure of what gun model to choose? 

  • If you are unsure of what gun model to choose from our drop-down lists, please contact us and we can help you to prevent any fitment issues from occurring upon receiving your holster. Custom, made to order holsters are nonrefundable. If you don't see your gun model listed, we most likely don't make it at this time. We update our tooling as demand increases for a gun model/light combination. 

How do I adjust the retention?

  • You can adjust the retention by tightening or loosening the screw(s) in front of the trigger guard. On light bearing models, the retention screws are located in the approximate area of the trigger guard. 

What is VC-3 Threadmate?

  • This is a liquid chemical thread locker that we sell.  The user can apply the threadmate by following the instructions here. We also can apply it for you.  

What is a concealment wing?

  • This is an extension that is added to the IWB (Inside Waist Band) holster. It provides a secondary place for your belt to make contact with.  It adds torsion to the holster and rotates the grip closer to your body.  It is meant for forward carrying holsters, but can be used in almost any position. 
  • screen-shot-2020-05-13-at-4.00.17-pm.png


What are the features of your concealed holsters?

  • This graphic points out the features that are built into our holsters. Note that not all models of firearm can accommodate all options. Selection fields on the product page will indicate if an option is not applicable. 



What are the different sweat guard lengths?

  • Below is an infographic with the approximate lengths notated.  These will vary slightly from model to model.





Why is Ghost Clear not covered under warranty?

  • Ghost Clear is solely intended as a vanity option. 
  • Being clear, it will inherently show wear and tear.  
  • The clear material may not meet normal service requirements that other materials achieve. 



 We can be best reached by emailing info@allegiantholsters.com.