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Allegiant Holster CO.

Card Wallet

  Our Card Wallet is a one piece constructed thermoplastic wallet. A compact, minimalistic style that is a lightweight and durable EDC option for carrying all of your important cards.   Features:   Compact...

A.H.C. Mug

Four mugs available: Option 1: A.H.C. Spade Mug - A.H.C. Spade logo on each side Option 2: A.H.C. Famous Mug - Popular pop logo (made our style) on the front and our Spade logo on the back. Option 3: A.H.C. #EVERYDAYCARRY Mug - AHC...

Allegiant Holster CO.

Hashtag Decals

“I can’t freedom enough!”, said no one ever. Now you can kick your EDC Mags, truck, laptop or your liberal neighbors mailbox up a notch! Grab some of these hashtag decals and throw them on whatever you can think of that needs some...