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APLc Glock

ITAR RESTRICTED This item is regulated by ITAR.  It can only be shipped in the USA.    The APL Compact Glock is a brand new INFORCE product providing 200 lumens of vibrant white light with up to 1.5 hours of runtime. Ultra-light and...

Allegiant Holster CO.

Concealment Wing

Our Concealment Wing is mounted to an Inside the Waistband holster.  It helps keep the holster and weapon pressed into the wearer, reducing printing of the weapon. Includes 2 screws, 2 finish washers, 2 binding posts, 2 rubber washers...


QLS Fork (No Receiver Plate)

The QLS 19 (Quick Locking System) Locking Fork mounts directly to the back of our Range Ready Holsters, any Safariland® 2-hole pattern pouch or Safariland® 3-hole pattern holster. The combination can then be connected to either the QLS 22 or QLS...