IWB Light Bearing Holster (Choose Options)

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We source premium hardware and components to assemble a fast tucking, smooth drawing, pew pew toting holster. 

  • Adjustable retention and Cant.
  • Trigger Guard Protection
  • 0.080 Premium Infused Kydex
  • 302HQ stainless steel, black oxide coated, DFARS Compliant hardware.
  • EPDM rubber washers for shock absorption and retention. 
  • Pre Treated with Quick Draw Gear holster lubricant.

*Compatible with stock firearms only unless chosen by options above or confirmed prior to ordering. 

*We highly suggest utilizing thread locker on all threads to prevent loosening.  Losing screws is not covered under warranty. 


Reviews (7)

Cris 13th Feb 2023

Highly recommend

Don’t know why I didn’t buy a holster sooner, hands down the best. Definitely ordering another one soon!

Casey 18th Jul 2022

Nice work!

Love my new holster! Thanks guys!

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Additional Info

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