IWB Light Bearing Holster (Choose Options)

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We source premium hardware and components to assemble a fast tucking, smooth drawing, pew pew toting holster. 

  • Adjustable retention and Cant.
  • Trigger Guard Protection
  • 0.080 Premium Infused Kydex
  • 302HQ stainless steel, black oxide coated, DFARS Compliant hardware.
  • EPDM rubber washers for shock absorption and retention. 
  • Pre Treated with Quick Draw Gear holster lubricant.

*Compatible with stock firearms only unless chosen by options above or confirmed prior to ordering. 

*We highly suggest utilizing thread locker on all threads to prevent loosening.  Losing screws is not covered under warranty. 


Reviews (8)

David Flores 12th Sep 2023

Best holster comp holster on the market!

This holster is hands down the best thing since sliced bread, customer service is rapid with the response and quality is unmatched. I run a PMM comp on my FN 509ct with a TLR1hl and it fits like a glove, retention is good and the customization of the color scheme looks great. Keep up the good work will be buying another for my other pistol soon!

Cris 13th Feb 2023

Highly recommend

Don’t know why I didn’t buy a holster sooner, hands down the best. Definitely ordering another one soon!

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