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OWB Light Bearing Pancake Holster (Choose Options)

Clear material is intended as a vanity option and may not be covered under warranty. *
P365 (XL) with TLR7 Sub is only available in in RH at this time. *
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We source premium hardware and components to assemble a fast tucking, smooth drawing, pew pew toting holster. 

  • Adjustable retention and Cant.
  • Trigger Guard and Mag Release Protection
  • 0.080 Premium Infused Kydex
  • 302HQ stainless steel, black oxide coated, DFARS Compliant hardware.
  • EPDM rubber washers for shock absorption and retention. 
  • Pre Treated with Quick Draw Gear holster lubricant.

*Compatible with stock firearms only unless chosen by options above or confirmed prior to ordering. 

*We highly suggest utilizing thread locker on all threads to prevent loosening.  Losing screws is not covered under warranty. 



enclosed-belt-loops.jpg Enclosed Belt Loops
canted-belt-loops.jpg Canted Belt Loops
pancake-wings.jpg Pancake Wings
enclosed-pancake-wings-pair-1.jpg Enclosed Pancake Wings
speed-clips.jpg Speed Clips





Reviews (10)

Patrick 25th Jan 2024

OWB Light Bearing Pancake

Man I freakin love this holster! I’ve been through the rigamarole with so many other holster companies and I’m pretty sure this is my best one yet. The fit, the retention, the position on the body and the way it hugs you, the height and adjustment options, the quality materials and construction, and the speed clips…. All superior. For those looking and researching and actually reading this I got it for my Glock 19 Gen 5 with a TLR7A and a Holosun EPS full size and it’s perfection. And I’m proud to support PA firearms industry business! AHC all day! Cheers!

BRAD THOMAS 3rd Oct 2022

Extremely nice Holster!!!

Very high quality holster, this is my second one, I will be purchasing more in the future!!!

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Additional Info

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